Gauge panel for early Scoobs

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One of the difficulties I found with the Impreza is the distinct lack of information it gives in the “off the shelf” form. Like most owners I found it strange that there was not even a turbo boost gauge present. Perhaps this was an over-site on the part of Subaru, or perhaps one of the omissions in order to keep the cost down. Either way in a turbo-charged vehicle it is an essential piece of equipment if the owner is to use the vehicle to it`s maximum potential without overdoing it.


There are a number of other gauges that an owner may also like to have fitted to the vehicle in order that they can tell when things are not right. Some examples of these are :


1/ Oil pressure  – To give a visual check for pressure loss indicating faulty seals etc.


2/ Oil temperature  – To check the oil is up to temperatur before high revs


3/ Water temperature  – To ensure the cooling system is operating effectively


4/  Air fuel ratio – Gives a visual check of mixture compared to stoich


5/ Exhaust gas temperature – The hotter the reading the leaner the burn


The difficulty with the early Impreza is that when you decide to get some gauges there is nowhere to put them. Yes there are aftermarket units available for the newer model Impreza that replace the oddment tray however the early models don`t have an oddment tray L

This had me puzzled for a whilst, I tried various places but just was not happy with them. After much deliberating it came to me. I`ll mould a panel to replace the heater vents above the heater control panel. You can see the resulting panel below.


Before you ask the answer is yes.

I don`t have the vents above the panel as the gauges now occupy the space. It may not suit everyone but with the gauges there they are easily visible from the driving position.


Gauges fitted are (from left to right)

1/ Exhaust gas temperature

2/ Air fuel ratio

3/ Turbo boost pressure


It also has the advantage of retaining the original heater controls.