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It’s a regularly asked question. “Where / how do I fit a boost gauge to my Impreza”?

There are various guides on the net, this is my guide based on a YM (year model) 93.



In the above picture you will see numbered arrows in red marked 1-3 these correspond to following :


1/ Remove existing hose from manifold and attach a short length of similar bore hose   to where you removed the old one from. (Shortest braided hose in picture)


2a/ Insert a T-piece to split the new hose,


2b/ Attach the old hose to one of the free ends on the T-piece, (black hose from T in picture)


2c/ Run another short length of hose from the remaining free end of the T-piece (braided hose in picture)


3/   Pass the hose, which came with the boost gauge through the bulkhead (there are numerous suitable   existing holes). If you have difficulty finding one drill a new one but be VERY CAREFULL to ensure you do not drill into anything on the inside of the cabin. Also remember to grommet the hole and seal it once in place to stop water entering the cabin. Once in place insert the gauge hose into the new hose by swelling the larger of the two, then popping the gauge hose into it. A seal will be created when it cools.


All that remains then is to route the gauge hose inside the cabin to the gauge and connect it.